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How to Navigate the Library. Library Acronyms and Sections Categories YA- Young Adult Fic-Fiction Ficj- Juvenille Fiction Non- Nonfiction Subcategories AFHBK, AFHB-Adult Fiction Hardback JFHBK, JFHB-Juvenille Fiction Hardback AFPBK, AFPB- Adult Fiction Paperback JFPBK, JFPB- Juvenille Fiction Paperback Lrg. Print- Adult Large Print Bot- Book on Tape CD- Adult CD CDJ- Juvenille CD Picture- Juvenille Picture Books Mystery, Fantasy, Short Stories, Western- Are as Labeled. Various special juvenile groups labeled as necessary. Non-Fiction Dewey Decimal j at the end of number-juvenille non-fiction 000-099- Computers, Information, and General Reference. 100-199-Philosophy & Psychology 200-299-Religion 300-399- Social Sciences 400-499- Language 500-599- Science 600-699- Technology 700-799- Arts and Recreation 800-899- Literature 900-999- History and Geography