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Computer Usage Policy

Tremonton City Municipal Library Public User Agreement Computer and Internet Usage Policy Effective June 13, 2001[1] 1.         ACCESS TO INTERNET RESOURCES 1.1.The mission of the Tremonton Public Library is to make readily available to the greatest number of Tremonton residents the most wanted library materials of all kinds, to serve as     an access point for any needed information and to provide these services free to all the  people of our city.  Our library will be a center for reading, listening and viewing for both adults and children and will furnish supplemental resources for the elementary and secondary school students. 1.2  The Internet, as an information resource, enables the library to provide information beyond the confines of it’s own collection.  It allows access to ideas, information and commentary from around the globe.  However, because of being an unregulated medium, the Tremonton City Library Board has developed and adopted the Tremonton City Municipal Library Public User Agreement for Computer and Internet Usage Policy. 1.3  This policy will be displayed at each computer work station and behind the circulation desk for patron’s review.  This policy was discussed and adopted during an open Tremonton City Library Board meeting on 19 April 2007. 1.4    This document will be reviewed by the Tremonton City Library Board at least every 3 years and a copy of the new policy will be sent to the Utah State Library Division as required by Administrative Rule R223-2.  A footnote at the bottom will state the  revision/review date. 1.5       The Tremonton City Library will comply with UCA 9-7-215 Internet and online access policy required and with reporting procedures established by Utah Administrative Rule R223-2, as amended in UCA 9-7-216 Process and content standards for policy. 2.  CONDITIONS AND TERMS OF USE OF INTERNET SERVICES IN THE LIBRARY. 2.1       The Tremonton City Library=s Internet Access Policy complies with Section 9-7-215, Internet and online access policy required, and Section 9-7-216, process and content standards for policy UCA, as well as reporting procedures established by Utah Administrative Rule R223-2.  Where feasible, the library will implement software and hardware control to prohibit information which the library has determined to be inconsistent with its mission and service roles.  Where possible, the library will filter access to written or visual depictions that are child pornography harmful to minors, or obscene.  Access is prohibited to information pertaining to illegal materials or those deemed inappropriate. 2.1.1    The Tremonton City Library has in place a policy of Internet safety, including the operation of a technology protection measure on any publicly accessible computer with Internet access that protects against access to visual depictions that are child pornography or obscene.  The filtering software will be enforced to provide Internet safety during any use of a computer.  Internet access is filtered by a commercially available web security product provided by Tremonton City. 2.2       Access to the library’s computer reference services are limited. The library will establish procedures that will make computer stations available on a first come, first serve basis, in one-hour blocks of time.  The operation hours of the program are from the posted library opening to 15 minutes before scheduled closing of the library. 2.3       Patrons will sign a record indicating logon time on the computer and will be held responsible for any additional charges or fees that may come to the library during their recorded time of use. 2.4       All prospective users will sign an Internet Use Contract. Parents of minor children younger than eighteen are legally responsible for their children=s use of the Internet through the library=s connection.  Youth younger than 18 years of age will be required to have written parental or guardian permission in order to access the Internet.  While the library will make every effort to ensure the use of the Internet is consistent with the library’s mission statement, parents are encouraged to work closely with their children in selecting material that is consistent with personal and family values and appropriate boundaries. 2.5       Library patrons will make no changes to any files, programs, settings, or passwords on the library public access computers.  Copying of commercial software to or from the library’s computers is forbidden.  Library patrons will not install any program on the library’s computers. 2.6       The library’s goal in making the Internet available to our patrons is to provide a source for research and the gathering of information of an educational nature.  The use of valuable computer time to visit chat rooms, gambling sites or commercialism, games that are not educational, will not be allowed. However, an authorized  library representative may disable a technology protection measure at the request of an adult patron to enable Internet access for research or other lawful purposes. 2.7       Any request for permanently disabling the filter on a computer for a specific web site for  research or other lawful purposes must be submitted in writing and reviewed and/or approved by the Library Director and Tremonton City Library Board. 2.8       Patrons use of the Internet will be monitored during and after uses.  Patrons found to be using library Internet services inappropriately will be promptly warned.  A second infraction will result in revocation of Internet privileges for six months.  A third infraction will result in permanent revocation of Internet privileges.  In the case of minors, parents will be notified. Access by minors is restricted and filtered by a commercially available web security product provided by Tremonton City. Users will violate their Internet Access Agreement if they log in for anyone other than themselves or their own children. 3          INTERNET RECORDS AND PROCEDURES 3.1       Staff members have been informed of their responsibility in enforcing the Internet policy.  Records of infractions will be kept so that all staff members can appropriately deal with patrons misuse of the Internet.  Staff members will enforce the Internet policy as stated in 2.8. 3.2       Patrons who have complaints or concerns about the adopted Internet policy may address them at the quarterly Tremonton City Library Board Meeting.  Dates and times may be obtain from the library staff. 3.3       If a patron observes inappropriate behavior by another patron, they should report what they see to the Library Director or staff. .
Adopted 1/15/1998 Revised 12/13/2000 2nd revision 4/9/2001, 3rd revision 2/12/03 4th revision 6/18/04, 5th revision 10/13/04, 6th revision 4/19/07, 7th revision 5/6/09, 8th revision 5/12/2010